• AE16 Movie Themes HD (Special)

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    LaTeX RaDiO (Special Episode)
    Movie Themes HD
    by TG Mondalf & DJ Parallax

    [M4A only available via iTunes Subscription]


    01. The Lobby – CJ Mkh
    02. Back To The Future (Drum-n-Bass Remix) – Jay30K


    03. Bladerunner (Hypnotic Mix) – Taurus
    04. X-Files Theme – Blue Man Group
    05. Two Steps from Hell (Star Trek 2009 Trailer Score) – Freedom Fighters
    06. Terminator Theme (Trance Remix) Median3K
    07. Terminator 2 Theme (The Day Will Come) – DreaMagic


    Star Wars Saga:
    08. Duel Of The Fates [Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace Theme] – Planet Core
    09. Across The Stars [Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones Theme] – Unknown Artist
    10. Star Wars III Battle of The Heroes (Techno Trance Remix) – Mexpartan99
    11. The Imperial March (Maxi Mix) [Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back Theme] – D.V.
    12. Star Wars (Trance Remix) [Star Wars IV: A New Hope Theme] – Liquid Sun


    13. Cry Little Sister [The Lost Boys Theme] – DJ Litespeid
    14. Saw Theme Remix – DJ PMP
    15. Resident Evil Remix – Snip4h
    16. In the House In A Heartbeat (Drum-n-Bass Remix) [28 Days Later Theme] – Z3r0
    17. 28 Weeks Later Theme (Techno Remix) – DJ Lozenge


    18. Pulp Fiction (Remix) – Zalabany
    19. Theme From Mission: Impossible (Junior’s Hard Mix – Edit) – Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen (of U2)
    20. James Bond (Techno Remix) – Unleasheds


    Comic Book Heroes:
    21. Superman Theme (J System Touch Up RMX) – Steele Wurkz
    22. The Transformers Theme (Remix) – Flatout42
    23. Batman A Dark Knight Theme (Electro Remix) – FKP


    24. He’s A Pirate (Pelo Verde Remix) [Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl Theme] – Jason Fernandez & Klaus Badelt
    25. The Lord of the Rings Theme (Techno Remix) [LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring Theme] – DJ Blazter


    Closing Segment:
    26. Duelling Techno [Delverance Theme] – Pood, Bhud & Pflug


    by TG Mondalf & DJ Parallax