• AE24 The Sounds of Sulphur

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    The Sounds of Sulphur

    This episode is based on the themes of Hell, Devils, Demons, Satan, and the Occult.



    — Set 1 —
    01. Ego Likeness “The Devil’s In The Chemicals”
    03. My Life with The Thrill Kill Kult “Nervous Xians”
    04. Symbiont “Evilation”
    05. Diverje “Evil Never Dies [Holy Father mix by Psykkle]”
    06. The Retrosic “Unleash Hell”


    — Set 2 —
    07. The Electric Hellfire Club “Kiss The Goat”
    08. The Devil & The Universe “Iblis”
    09. Hexentanz “Ritual Kiss To Satan”
    10. Asmodeus X “L.O.D.”


    — Set 3 —
    11. Diamanda Galas “You Must Be Certain of the Devil”
    12. The Tear Garden “Empathy With The Devil”
    13. Sinister Elements “Rosea”
    14. Valhall “Satanic Ritual Abuse”


    Background Track: “Leviathan” by Christopher Young from the Hellraiser II Soundtrack

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    Modern Satanism (Podcast)
    Satanic International Network [and on Facebook]
    LaVeyan Satanism on Facebook

  • NE02 The Nexus of Evil #2

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    01. No Heroes – You Shriek
    02. Wreath Of Barbs (Cover) – Violet


    03. Dead Souls – Bella Lune
    04. Mercury – Ayria
    05. Sensor Techniques – Dragonfly Lingo


    06. The Grid (Remix) – Crystal Method From the Tron Legacy Re:Configured Album
    07. Spaceship – Alice In Videoland
    08. Disease – Ayria


    09. I Want It ( Soman Remix) – Zombie Girl
    10. Burned – Empusa feat. Miss FD
    11. Popcorn – Unter Null


    12. Automatic Ideology – Krystal System


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