• AE26 Music From The Grave: Gothic Vol. 2

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    This is just a small showcase of newer Goth based music and artists from LaTeX RaDiO podcast.

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    01. Inkubus Sukkubus “Field Of The Nymphs”
    02. Merciful Nuns “Allseeing Eye (1st Aethyr)”
    03. The March Violets “Snake Dance”
    04. Aeon Sable “Visions”
    05. Saigon Blue Rain “Beyond The Stone”
    06. N.E.O. (Near Earth Orbit) “Trans Neptunian Objects”
    07. Whispers In The Shadow “His Name Is Legion”
    08. Angels of Liberty “Touch the Daemon”
    09. She Pleasures Herself “Oceans of Pleasure”
    10. Sanne de Neige “Dans La Forêt” (In The Forest)
    11. Der Himmel über Berlin “The Chosen Ones”


    Special thanks to Solar Lodge and Venus Aeon records.

  • NE02 The Nexus of Evil #2

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    01. No Heroes – You Shriek
    02. Wreath Of Barbs (Cover) – Violet


    03. Dead Souls – Bella Lune
    04. Mercury – Ayria
    05. Sensor Techniques – Dragonfly Lingo


    06. The Grid (Remix) – Crystal Method From the Tron Legacy Re:Configured Album
    07. Spaceship – Alice In Videoland
    08. Disease – Ayria


    09. I Want It ( Soman Remix) – Zombie Girl
    10. Burned – Empusa feat. Miss FD
    11. Popcorn – Unter Null


    12. Automatic Ideology – Krystal System


    Links and social network mentioned in this episode:

    Dragonfly Lingo’s music site

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