• AE22 Neo-Medieval

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    This episode is based on Neo-Medieval music from sounds that are more traditional to those that are much more eclectic and include electronics in the compositions. There is a variety of instrumentals, chorals, and bagpipe theme based tracks.

    [M4A available only via iTunes subscription]


    01. L’Ensemble Deux Plus Et Compagnie – Bizzaria d’amore, Furioso
    02. Cantinga – The Well of Enchantment
    03. Basil Poledouris – The Tavern (from Conan The Barbarian)
    04. Faun – Tinta
    05. Dead Can Dance – Saltarello
    06. Dead Can Dance – The End of Words
    07. L’Ensemble Deux Plus Et Compagnie – Splendens Ceptigera
    08. The Moors – Belen-Gaard
    09. Qntal – Virgo Splendens
    10. Miranda Sex Garden – Gush Forth My Tears (Thrash’s Interest At Source Mix)
    11. Dead Can Dance – As The Bell Rings The Maypole Spins
    12. Mauerbrecher – Hortus Consclusus
    13. Saltilo – Remember Me?
    14. Corvis Corax (mixed by Atomix Avenue) – Avanti Rmx (avanti – M.a.p.s.)


    Created by TG Mondalf
    LaTeX RaDiO http://latexradio.com/


    Find both Mauerbrecher and L’Ensemble Deux Plus Et Compagnie on The Fossil Dungeon

  • AE16 Movie Themes HD (Special)

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    LaTeX RaDiO (Special Episode)
    Movie Themes HD
    by TG Mondalf & DJ Parallax

    [M4A only available via iTunes Subscription]


    01. The Lobby – CJ Mkh
    02. Back To The Future (Drum-n-Bass Remix) – Jay30K


    03. Bladerunner (Hypnotic Mix) – Taurus
    04. X-Files Theme – Blue Man Group
    05. Two Steps from Hell (Star Trek 2009 Trailer Score) – Freedom Fighters
    06. Terminator Theme (Trance Remix) Median3K
    07. Terminator 2 Theme (The Day Will Come) – DreaMagic


    Star Wars Saga:
    08. Duel Of The Fates [Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace Theme] – Planet Core
    09. Across The Stars [Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones Theme] – Unknown Artist
    10. Star Wars III Battle of The Heroes (Techno Trance Remix) – Mexpartan99
    11. The Imperial March (Maxi Mix) [Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back Theme] – D.V.
    12. Star Wars (Trance Remix) [Star Wars IV: A New Hope Theme] – Liquid Sun


    13. Cry Little Sister [The Lost Boys Theme] – DJ Litespeid
    14. Saw Theme Remix – DJ PMP
    15. Resident Evil Remix – Snip4h
    16. In the House In A Heartbeat (Drum-n-Bass Remix) [28 Days Later Theme] – Z3r0
    17. 28 Weeks Later Theme (Techno Remix) – DJ Lozenge


    18. Pulp Fiction (Remix) – Zalabany
    19. Theme From Mission: Impossible (Junior’s Hard Mix – Edit) – Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen (of U2)
    20. James Bond (Techno Remix) – Unleasheds


    Comic Book Heroes:
    21. Superman Theme (J System Touch Up RMX) – Steele Wurkz
    22. The Transformers Theme (Remix) – Flatout42
    23. Batman A Dark Knight Theme (Electro Remix) – FKP


    24. He’s A Pirate (Pelo Verde Remix) [Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl Theme] – Jason Fernandez & Klaus Badelt
    25. The Lord of the Rings Theme (Techno Remix) [LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring Theme] – DJ Blazter


    Closing Segment:
    26. Duelling Techno [Delverance Theme] – Pood, Bhud & Pflug


    by TG Mondalf & DJ Parallax

  • AE19 Halloween Devils, Vampires, Zombies, and Ghosts

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    Halloween special by DJ Parallax & TG Mondalf: This podcast is divided in segments by themes about Devils, Vampires, Zombies, and Ghosts.



    Halloween Opening:
    01. Halloween Theme – Leaether Strip
    02. Devil’s Night Treat – Halloween Monsters


    Devils & Demons:
    03. Demons – Decoded Feedback
    04. Incubus – The Electric Hellfire Club
    05. Hellion’s Fall – Distorted Memory
    06. Devil’s Train – Hednoize


    07. Vampire Hunter (from Bram Stoker’s Dracula) – Leaether Strip
    08. Bad Things (Theme from True Blood) – Jace Everett
    09. New York Vampire (Vamp Mix) – Susi Medusa Gottardi
    10. Bela Lugosi’s Dead – The Electric Hellfire Club
    11. Flesh & Bone (from Suck) – Burning Brides


    12. Tokyo (from Resident Evil) – Tomandandy
    13. Menschenfresser – Suicide Commando
    14. Your True Face – God Module
    15. Virus (Outbreak) – iVardensphere
    16. Dawn of the Dead – Micron


    17. Bob’s Shadow – cEvin Key
    18. Ghost In The Circuit – Velvet Acid Christ
    19. Ghost (Le Weekend Remix) – Depeche Mode
    20. Afraid Of the Light – God Module


    21. Exorcist Theme (Tubular Bells Dubstep Mix) – Halloween Monsters


    NOTE: When talking about the “Dawn of the Dead” remake, I say something about it being done in the late 90’s. This was actually put out in 2004. Tired brain not thinking straight. 😉

  • AE12 Pop Muzik

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    An eclectic collection of alternative covers of pop songs

    [M4A only available via iTunes subscription]


    01. Popmuzik by Sugarboy (M) from Popmuzik
    02. Fashion by Effcee (David Bowie) from Nu Wave
    03. Get Off by Funker Vogt (Prince) from Electro Goth Tribute To Prince
    04. Hold Me Now by Cosmicity (Thompson Twins) from Resynthesized
    05. Sexy Back by Faderhead (Justin Timberlake) from Reverbnation Fan Site
    06. Big Poppa by Mindless Self Indulgence (Biggie Smalls) from Shut Me Up
    07. I Think We’re Alone Now by The Birthday Massacre (Tiffany) from Looking Glass
    08. Light My Fire by UB40 (The Doors) from The Very Best of UB40
    09. Strawberry Fields Forever by Candyflip (The Beatles) from Madstock…
    10. Even Better Than the Real Thing by Dead or Alive (U2) from We Will Follow
    11. Dancing Barefoot by Clan of Xymox (Patti Smith) from Phoenix
    12. Straight Up by Dismantled (Paula Abdul) from Breed To Death
    13. Nvr Say Nvr by Julien-K (Romeo Void) from Death To Analog
    14. Loving U by Yakooza (Irene Cara) from 50 Techno Trance Anthems
    15. Tainted Love by Kikkoman (Soft Cell) from Tainted Love
    1>6. Down With the Sickness by Richard Cheese (Disturbed) from The Sunny Side of the Moon

  • AE11 Cyberaver AD (Apocalyptic Dancefloor)

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    Cyberaver is a conjunction and Cyber Raver and is NOT a musical genre. It is mostly a combination of Cyber, Goth, and Raver fashions. Musically signature to the “scenes” that contain these styles are musical genres which fit the hardcore, hardbeat trance sound. Based on this, selections for this playlist were made from the Harsh EBM genre currently central to the modern Goth scene that specifically fit the hardbeat trance sound.
    The AD in Cyberaver AD is not for Anno Domini, used in the Christian dating system, but instead Apocalyptic Dancefloor. This was taken from the often aggressive, even militant, sounds and samples which create a heavy boot stomping feel. This was also chosen as modern CyberGoths are known to wear apocalyptic looking styles such as custom design respirators.
    So, grab your goggles and gas masks and strap on your boots and stomp to Cyberaver AD created especially for you by DJ Catatonic of EBM-Radio and TG Mondalf of Latex Records and Latex Radio.

    [M4A only available via iTunes subscription]


    01. Love Your Neighbor by Komor Kommando from Das EP
    02. Bass Alert by Modulate from Detonation
    03. Bad Guys by XP8 from Drop the Mask
    04. Hues of Grey by Negative Format from Gradients
    05. Structure by VNV Nation from Futureperfect
    06. Super Space Invaders by Eisenfunk from 8-Bit
    07. Divine by Soman from Sound Pressure 2.0
    08. Sent To Destroy (Sacrifice Remix by Suicide Commando) by Combichrist from Frost EP
    09. Bleeding Ears by X-Rx from Stage 2
    10. Biopunk Lab by Psyborg Corp from The Mechanical Renaissance
    11. Excessive Exposure by Noisuf-X from Excessive Exposure
    12. Counterstrike by statiCViolence from Auf die Fresse
    13. Club Domination (Stahlfrequenz Remix) by Phosgore from Domination
    14. Bind, Torture, and Kill (Without Emotions Mix) by Suicide Commando vs. Combichrist – Homemade mix inspired by DJ Mighty Mike Saga, Original version on Bind, Torture, Kill


    Audio samples taken from the following movie sources-
    The Dark Knight, Full Metal Jacket, Aliens, District 9, Fight Club, Inglorious Bastards, and Terminator Salvation


    Special Thanks To:
    Metropolis Records, ArtOfFact Records, Macabre Records, ProNoize, Noitekk, & Office4/Bensch Audio

  • AE10 Mystified Music (Artist Feature)

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    Mystified, aka Thomas Park, has been called Industrial/Ambient and lays down a unique blend of ambient textures, electronic rhythms, and industrial structures to create a signature style of electronica that is not easily catagorized. As a Latex Records artist, Thomas can also be found on several other independent record labels and on free download sites online. His music continues to expand and advance both in catalogue size and structure. As a prolific artist he is always putting out something new and and expanding his art!

    [M4A not available except via iTunes Subscription]


    01. 3AM Caller from Eldritch Steps
    02. Animating the Dead from Fertile Buzz
    03. Astray from Dark Rites Of Mesmer
    04. Clockwork Ends from Fertile Buzz
    05. Not Knowing Where from Primal Mystification
    06. Outside Mexico City from Dark Rites Of Mesmer
    07. Quaking Steps from Engine Room Glow
    08. Sparse Buzz from Engine Room Glow
    09. Totally Cosmic (Edit) from Minimal Trances For The Pure Of Heart
    10. Vertical Motion from Maschinenfugen


    For more information:
    Latex Records, LLC
    Mystified Music
    Mystified’s Complete (text) Discography

  • AE08 Vocal Trance

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    08 Vocal Trance

    This being the first Progressive Trance, specifically Vocal Trance, episode, I wanted to display a few of my favorite tracks. Also, the opening track is a Progressive Trance cover of a song made famous by Ministry which was accidentally left off the Halloween podcast.



    01. Everyday Is Halloween (Josh Harris Club Mix) – Dangerous Muse from Everyday Is Halloween / Give Me Danger EP
    02. Silence (DJ Tiesto’s In Search Of Sunrise Remix) – Delerium (w/Sarah McLachlan) from Odyssey: The Remix Collection
    03. 12 Empty Well (Overflow Mix) – Lori Cunningham from Unseen
    04. Beauty Hides In The Deep – The Doppler Effect from Beauty Hides In The Deep
    05. You’re Not Alone (2nd Clubb Mix) – ATB from You’re Not Alone
    06. Move For Me – Kaskade from Strobelight Seduction (Bonus Track Version)
    07. Who Will Find Me – DJ Shah from 50 Best Trance & Progressive Tunes of 2007
    08. I Remember (w/Kaskade) – Deadmau5 from Random Album Title
    09. Beautiful Day (Quincy & Sonance Remix) – U2 from 7


    Special Thanks to: Sire Records, Nettwerk Records, Strophic Records, Radikal Records, Cloud 9 Holland, Armada Music, Ultra Records, Interscope