• AE26 Music From The Grave: Gothic Vol. 2

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    This is just a small showcase of newer Goth based music and artists from LaTeX RaDiO podcast.

    [not all formats available, M4A only available via iTunes subscription]


    01. Inkubus Sukkubus “Field Of The Nymphs”
    02. Merciful Nuns “Allseeing Eye (1st Aethyr)”
    03. The March Violets “Snake Dance”
    04. Aeon Sable “Visions”
    05. Saigon Blue Rain “Beyond The Stone”
    06. N.E.O. (Near Earth Orbit) “Trans Neptunian Objects”
    07. Whispers In The Shadow “His Name Is Legion”
    08. Angels of Liberty “Touch the Daemon”
    09. She Pleasures Herself “Oceans of Pleasure”
    10. Sanne de Neige “Dans La Forêt” (In The Forest)
    11. Der Himmel über Berlin “The Chosen Ones”


    Special thanks to Solar Lodge and Venus Aeon records.

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