• AE18 Killer Tracks (Psycho Killer Cuts)

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    Killer Tracks is a collection of EBM and Industrial music with track themes based on killers, mostly serial killers. This podcast includes interview clips and sound effects.

    [not all formats available, M4A only available via iTunes subscription]


    01. Front Line Assembly – Guilty
    02. Edge of Dawn – Descent (Version)
    03. Front 242 – Serial Killers Don’t Kill Their Girlfriend
    04. Mind.In.A.Box – Stalkers
    05. Informatik – Predator
    06. Noisuf-X – I Am Watching You


    07. Yade – Hunter
    08. Suicide Commando – Desire (Dead Body Remix)
    09. Suicide Commando – Bind Torture Kill (Covenant Remix)
    10. Uberbyte – Dissect
    11. Bio-Tek – Profession Of Violence
    12. And One – Electrocution


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