• AE23 Front Line Assembly (Tribute) for Daria’s Cheat Sheet

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    This episode is a tribute to Front Line Assembly including many of their side-projects. Hosted by TGMondalf of LaTeX RaDiO this Tribute originally aired on Daria’s Cheat Sheet on Codebass Radio.



    – Show and 1st Set Intro –
    01. Cyberaktif “Meltdown [Parody]” from Temper 1990
    02. Front Line Assembly “Resist” from Caustic Grip 1990
    03. Front Line Assembly “Bio-Mechanic” from Tactical Neural Implant 1992
    04. Intermix “Anguish” from Intermix 1992
    05. Intermix “Can You Move It’ from Phaze Two 1992


    – Set 2 Intro –
    06. Delerium “Consensual Worlds” from Semantic Spaces 1994
    07. Noise Unit “Hate You Feel” from Strategy of Violence 1994
    08. Synaesthesia “Submerged” from Embody 1995
    09. Delerium “Monuments of Deciept” from Reflections I 1995
    10. Synaesthesia “DNA Barcode” from Desideratum 1995
    11. Noise Unit “Bahnof” from Decoder 1996


    – Set 3 Intro –
    12. Pro>Tech “Re-Thread” from Orbiting Catherdrals 1997
    13. Equinox “Janus Effect” from Holon 1998
    14. Equinox “Horizon” from Holon 1998
    15. Skinny Puppy “Worlock: Rhys Fulber Remix (Eye Of The Beholder Mix)” from ReMix Dys Temper 1998
    16. Front Line Assembly “Don’t Trust Anyone” from Implode 1999


    – Set 4 Intro –
    17. Conjure One “Sleep (Serenity Remix)” from Conjure One 2002
    18. Delerium “Lumenis (featuring Isabel Baryakdarian)” from Nuages Du Monde 2006
    19. Fauxliage “Rafe (Pacha Remix)” from Fauxliage 2007
    20. Delerium “Dust In Gravity “Nervo Remix” from Dust In Gravity (Feat. Kreesha Turner) 2010
    21. Unit:187 “Guilty Pleasures” from Out for Blood 2010


    – Closing –
    22. Front Line Assembly “Arise” from Airmech 2012


    BACKGROUND TRACKS: (behind my spoken word for sets)
    01. Front Line Assembly “Distorted Vision” from Complete Total Terror 1
    02. Delerium “Symbolism” from Archives Vol. 1
    03. Delerium “Dimensional Space from Archives Vol. 2
    04. Delerium “Decade” from Euphoric
    05. Front Line Assembly “AirMech” from AirMech


    Created by TG Mondalf
    LaTeX RaDiO http://latexradio.com/


    Daria’s Cheat Sheet
    Codebass Radio

  • AE18 Killer Tracks (Psycho Killer Cuts)

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    Killer Tracks is a collection of EBM and Industrial music with track themes based on killers, mostly serial killers. This podcast includes interview clips and sound effects.

    [not all formats available, M4A only available via iTunes subscription]


    01. Front Line Assembly – Guilty
    02. Edge of Dawn – Descent (Version)
    03. Front 242 – Serial Killers Don’t Kill Their Girlfriend
    04. Mind.In.A.Box – Stalkers
    05. Informatik – Predator
    06. Noisuf-X – I Am Watching You


    07. Yade – Hunter
    08. Suicide Commando – Desire (Dead Body Remix)
    09. Suicide Commando – Bind Torture Kill (Covenant Remix)
    10. Uberbyte – Dissect
    11. Bio-Tek – Profession Of Violence
    12. And One – Electrocution


    Check out Department of Evil on FaceBook for more great podcasts!

  • AE17 Industrialische Oktoberfest II

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    Out second Industrial Oktoberfest issue: This was supposed to be co-hosted by DJ Parallax but due to time constraints and life being insane that didn’t happen but beer and brats were had! However, he was able to assist in the playlist order since he knows more about key matching than I do, so I hope this came out better than the last one. Sorry my vocals are a bit dry. Things were busy and this podcast sat too long before it was finally pieced together as it was supposed to be out before October. Hope it still sounds good anyway!

    [M4A only available for iTunes subscription]


    01. Eisbrecher – 1000 Flammen
    02. Das Ich – Destillat (VNV Nation Remix)
    03. Diary of Dreams – Lebenslang
    04. Heimetaerde – Gotteskrieger
    05. Mimetic – Track 33
    06. Kraftwerk – Radioaktivitat
    07. Schwarzes Fragment – Flammenherz
    08. And One – Steine Sind Steine


    09. Hanzel Und Gretyl – Deathslager
    10. X-Rx – Fickt Euch Alle
    11. Herzschlag – Zuviel von Mir
    12. Soman – Innocence
    13. Pitch Black Inc. – Retro Adam
    14. In Strict Confidence – Babylon


    15. Wumpscut – Gulag

  • Halloween Super Show 2010

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    The Halloween Super Show and world premiere of a new Dragonfly Lingo Track!

    [M4A only available via iTunes subscription]


    01. Across The Sky – Emilie Autumn
    02. No More Room In Hell – X-Rx

    03. Your Nightmare – Unter Null
    04. Rest In Pieces – X-Fusion
    “death has come to your little town sheriff”
    05. Halloween 2009 – Zombie Girl
    06. Open My Vein – Shiv-R
    07. Shreds – Hex Rx
    08. Enjoy The Abuse – Combichrist
    09. Labyrinth Of Thoughts – X-Fusion

    10. The Gift – Uberbyte
    11. Art of Revenge – XP8
    12. Sent To Destroy – Combichrist
    13. Everything We Know Is Wrong – Apoptygma Berzerk
    14. Hatenration – Psyborg Corp

    15. Rx – Hex Rx
    16. Near End – X-Fusion
    17. Walk With Me – Apoptygma Berzerk
    18. Enter The Void – Miss FD
    19. Insect Calm – Ayria
    20. The Darkness (Darker Mix) – Zombie Girl

    21. The Vortex – Dragonfly Lingo (World Premiere)
    22. Morningside – Dragonfly Lingo
    23. King of Insects (Red Sparrow Mix) – Assemblage 23

    24. Creature Of The Night – Zombie Girl
    25. I Want My Innocence Back – Emilie Autumn
    26. Strange To Say – Dragonfly Lingo
    27. Abandoned Places – Lady Parasite
    28. Endings – Frightdoll
    29. Big Kid – Bloo Von Dollie (Requested)

    “Was that the Boogie Man?”
    30. Kiss The Blade – Combichrist
    31. Art Of Conflict – VNV Nation
    32. Hunter – Yade
    33. Dissect – Uberbyte

    34. Gothsicles – Amphibious Trigonometry (Requested)
    35. Feel the Fuckin’ Bass – X-Rx (Requested)
    36. Bela Lugosi’s Dead – You Shriek (Requested)
    37. Six Seconds – Ayria (Requested)


    Dragonfly Lingo on Bandcamp
    Bloo Von Dollie on Vampire Freaks
    DarkSide Radio

  • NE02 The Nexus of Evil #2

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    DOWNLOAD: >M4A | OGG | MP3
    [M4A only available via iTunes subscription]


    01. No Heroes – You Shriek
    02. Wreath Of Barbs (Cover) – Violet


    03. Dead Souls – Bella Lune
    04. Mercury – Ayria
    05. Sensor Techniques – Dragonfly Lingo


    06. The Grid (Remix) – Crystal Method From the Tron Legacy Re:Configured Album
    07. Spaceship – Alice In Videoland
    08. Disease – Ayria


    09. I Want It ( Soman Remix) – Zombie Girl
    10. Burned – Empusa feat. Miss FD
    11. Popcorn – Unter Null


    12. Automatic Ideology – Krystal System


    Links and social network mentioned in this episode:

    Dragonfly Lingo’s music site



  • NE03 Nexus of Evil #3: DragonCon Special 2011

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    This episode is a special after Dragon*Con 2011 edition of The Nexus of Evil, featuring co-host TG Mondalf of Latex Records, LLC. Out of character from previous episodes, this one contains an extra Con discussion about our experiences at the event, including some highlights.

    [M4A only available via iTunes subscription]


    01. “When You’re Evil” – Voltaire
    02. “Wreath of Barbs” – Wumpscut
    03. “Horrible Dream” – Ayria
    04. “You Destroy” – Cellmod
    05. “Greed” – Assemblage 23
    06. “Bleeder” – Zombie Girl
    07. “Kernkraft 400″ – Zombi Nation


    — Con Discussion —


    08. “Push It” – X-Rx
    09. “The Disappearance” – System Syn
    10. “See You In Hell” – Suicide Commando
    11. “Winter Born (This Sacrifice) – The Crüxshadows

    Voltaire, Wumpscut, Ayria, Cellmod, Assemblage 23, Zombie Girl, ZombieNation, X-Rx, System Syn, Suicide Commando, The Crüxshadows


    Michelle Belanger & Kalayna Price


    Department Of Evil:
    Department of Evil (DoE)


    Aztalanturf Podcast


    theShelter Atlanta (Das Bunker ATL):
    The Shelter ATL (Official Site)
    The Shelter ATL on FaceBook
    Das Bunker Atlanta
    Das Bunker ATL on FaceBook


    Latex Records
    Latex Records(Website)

  • DR02 Damage Report: Drum Machine Death

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    This show is Titled “Drum Machine Death” and features a selection of pounding IDM style music.

    [M4A only available via iTunes subscription]


    01. Noisuf-X – Hit Me hard (As hard as you can mix)
    02. Gorgot – Zerschneiden
    03. Detune X – Pure Evil
    04. Terrorfakt – Malice
    05. Xotox – Eisenkiller
    06. Detune X – Sleepless
    07. Noisuf-X – Axion
    08. Xotox – Rythmusskaputt
    09. SAM – Burn (Xotox inferno mix)
    10. Extize – Red Water
    11. Phosgore – Destructor
    12. Terrorfakt – HBOMB

  • AE15 Love, Longing, & Loss

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    Happy Valentine’s from LaTeX RaDiO! Love, Longing, and Loss is a collection of EBM and Synthpop with a focus on love’s ups and downs.

    [not all formats available, M4A only available via iTunes subscription]


    01. Delerium – Touched
    02. Paul Luckey – Oh My Goddess
    03. Clan of Xymox – I Want You Now
    04. Informatik – My True Love
    05. Apoptygma Berzerk – Unicorn (Duet Version)
    06. Apoptygma Berzerk – In This Together
    07. Depeche Mode – Nothing’s Impossible
    08. Clan of Xymox – At The End Of The Day
    09. Apoptygma Berzerk – Into The Unknown
    10. The Cardigans – Lovefool
    11. Beborn Beton – Deeper Than The Usual Feeling
    12. Neuropa – Love Will Find A Way (Extended Version)
    13. IAMX – This Will Make You Love Again
    14. Mesh – Only Better
    15. Apoptygma Berzerk – Paranoia
    16. Informatik – Louder Than Words
    17. Mesh – Only Better (extended ending)

  • DR01 Damage Report #1 (German Industrial)

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    This is the debut episode of Damage Report on Latex Radio by Industrial Dave of the band Crisis Line, among many others. This collection is modern German Industrial with touches of Aggrotech and PowerNoise.

    [M4A only available via iTunes subscription]


    01. Nachtmahr – BOOM BOOM BOOM
    02. FabrikC – Paranormal
    03. Agonoize – In the name of god
    04. Hydroxie – A fool
    05. Nachtmahr – Ein Spiel
    06. Noisuf-X Cocaine
    07. Xotox Industrial Madness
    08. Reaper – Weltfremd
    09. Grendel – Hate this (Agonoize remix)
    10. Reaper – Urnensand (Schallfaktor remix)
    11. Xentrifuge – Downcast


    Damage Report with Industrial Dave on LaTeX RaDiO

  • AE12 Pop Muzik

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    An eclectic collection of alternative covers of pop songs

    [M4A only available via iTunes subscription]


    01. Popmuzik by Sugarboy (M) from Popmuzik
    02. Fashion by Effcee (David Bowie) from Nu Wave
    03. Get Off by Funker Vogt (Prince) from Electro Goth Tribute To Prince
    04. Hold Me Now by Cosmicity (Thompson Twins) from Resynthesized
    05. Sexy Back by Faderhead (Justin Timberlake) from Reverbnation Fan Site
    06. Big Poppa by Mindless Self Indulgence (Biggie Smalls) from Shut Me Up
    07. I Think We’re Alone Now by The Birthday Massacre (Tiffany) from Looking Glass
    08. Light My Fire by UB40 (The Doors) from The Very Best of UB40
    09. Strawberry Fields Forever by Candyflip (The Beatles) from Madstock…
    10. Even Better Than the Real Thing by Dead or Alive (U2) from We Will Follow
    11. Dancing Barefoot by Clan of Xymox (Patti Smith) from Phoenix
    12. Straight Up by Dismantled (Paula Abdul) from Breed To Death
    13. Nvr Say Nvr by Julien-K (Romeo Void) from Death To Analog
    14. Loving U by Yakooza (Irene Cara) from 50 Techno Trance Anthems
    15. Tainted Love by Kikkoman (Soft Cell) from Tainted Love
    1>6. Down With the Sickness by Richard Cheese (Disturbed) from The Sunny Side of the Moon