• AE20 Flesh Mix Vol. 2

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    A mix of EBM/Industrial exploring human sexuality.

    [M4A only available via iTunes subscription]


    01. The Sonology of Sex II – Clock DVA
    02. Body Company – And One
    03. Flesh Menagerie (Funker vogt Rmx)
    04. Europhone – Pluto Project
    05. Dirty Little Secrets – My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
    06. Sleep – Conjure One
    07. Pandora’s Box – Clan of Xymox
    08. She Says It Feels Good – Accessory
    09. Forbidden Fruit – In Strict Confidence
    10. You Suck (feat. The Yeastie Girls) – Consolidated
    11. Randy Road – Darling Kandie
    12. Shut Up And Swallow – Combichrist
    13. Dream – Grendel
    14. The Whipper – Black Tape For A Blue Girl
    15. Disko Fleshpot – My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
    16. Fever – Love & Rockets
    17. I Want You Now – Depeche Mode
    18. Want It – XP8
    19. Inside of You – Written In Ashes
    20. Burning Bush – Hanzel Und Gretyl
    21. Machinegun GoGo – Panzer AG
    22. Sexplosion (Orgazm Mix) – My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult


  • AE04 Flesh Mix

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    Latex RadioThis 4th Episode is an erotic mix of EBM/Industrial and Trance exploring human sexuality. This is a “no chatter” episode and my first attempt at mixing.



    01. InformatikFlesh Menagerie from Nyphomatik
    02. Susie BrightLost Innocence (spoken word) from Cyborgasm
    03. VNV NationCold (Rated R Mix by MIG-29) [Web Release, No longer available]
    04. PlastikmanPanikattack from Spundae presents Cass, Interpretations III
    05. WumpscutI Want You from This Is Neo-Goth & Eevil Young Flesh
    06. Susie BrightTaboo (spoken word) from Cyborgasm
    07. ModulateHard And Dirty from Detonation
    08. CombichristGive Head If You Got It from What The F*ck Is Wrong With You People?
    09. SeaboundDomination from Double-Crosser
    10. Psychic TVWicked (Mistress Mix) from Origin Of The Species Vol. 3
    11. CompuWhoreSick Bitch Web Release, no longer available
    12. Marcus SchössowMr White from 50 Best Trance & Progressive Tunes of 2007
    13. Halo In ReverseInto It (Clubmix T) Web Release (also see the self-titled album Halo In Reverse)
    14. InformatikCome Together from Come Together (single)


    Special Thanks to Armada Music, Metropolis Records, Cleopatra Records, Mute Records and Invisible Records (Underground, Inc.).