• AE22 Neo-Medieval

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    This episode is based on Neo-Medieval music from sounds that are more traditional to those that are much more eclectic and include electronics in the compositions. There is a variety of instrumentals, chorals, and bagpipe theme based tracks.

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    01. L’Ensemble Deux Plus Et Compagnie – Bizzaria d’amore, Furioso
    02. Cantinga – The Well of Enchantment
    03. Basil Poledouris – The Tavern (from Conan The Barbarian)
    04. Faun – Tinta
    05. Dead Can Dance – Saltarello
    06. Dead Can Dance – The End of Words
    07. L’Ensemble Deux Plus Et Compagnie – Splendens Ceptigera
    08. The Moors – Belen-Gaard
    09. Qntal – Virgo Splendens
    10. Miranda Sex Garden – Gush Forth My Tears (Thrash’s Interest At Source Mix)
    11. Dead Can Dance – As The Bell Rings The Maypole Spins
    12. Mauerbrecher – Hortus Consclusus
    13. Saltilo – Remember Me?
    14. Corvis Corax (mixed by Atomix Avenue) – Avanti Rmx (avanti – M.a.p.s.)


    Created by TG Mondalf
    LaTeX RaDiO http://latexradio.com/


    Find both Mauerbrecher and L’Ensemble Deux Plus Et Compagnie on The Fossil Dungeon