• AE27 Party Like It’s 1984

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    One can never truly be certain what year it actually is. Maybe it’s 1984 only now. Imagine the music of the early and mid 1980’s fitting the political climate of today. It’s as if Orwell’s book is just now becoming a reality.

    [not all formats available, M4A only available via iTunes subscription]


    01. Oingo Boingo “Wake Up (It’s 1984)”
    02. Tears For Fears “Mad World”
    03. Art of Noise “A Time for the Fear (Who’s Afraid)”
    04. Clock DVA “Resistance”
    05. A Flock of Seagulls “Nightmares”
    06. Christian Death “Electra Descending”
    07. The Cure “The Hanging Garden”
    08. Depeche Mode “Told You So”
    09. Adam and the Ants “Feed Me To The Lions”
    10. Cocteau Twins “Blind, Dumb, Deaf”
    11. Duran Duran “Sound of Thunder”
    12. Danny Elfman “It Only Makes Me Laugh”
    13. David Bowie “Rebel Rebel”
    14. Kraftwerk “Computer World”
    15. Soft Cell “Entertain Me”
    16. Siouxsie & The Banshees “We Hunger”
    17. U2 “Seconds”
    18. Frankie Goes To Hollywood “Bang!”
    19. Depeche Mode “More Than A Party”


    Samples from George Orwell’s “1984” book and film

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  • AE26 Music From The Grave: Gothic Vol. 2

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    This is just a small showcase of newer Goth based music and artists from LaTeX RaDiO podcast.

    [not all formats available, M4A only available via iTunes subscription]


    01. Inkubus Sukkubus “Field Of The Nymphs”
    02. Merciful Nuns “Allseeing Eye (1st Aethyr)”
    03. The March Violets “Snake Dance”
    04. Aeon Sable “Visions”
    05. Saigon Blue Rain “Beyond The Stone”
    06. N.E.O. (Near Earth Orbit) “Trans Neptunian Objects”
    07. Whispers In The Shadow “His Name Is Legion”
    08. Angels of Liberty “Touch the Daemon”
    09. She Pleasures Herself “Oceans of Pleasure”
    10. Sanne de Neige “Dans La Forêt” (In The Forest)
    11. Der Himmel über Berlin “The Chosen Ones”


    Special thanks to Solar Lodge and Venus Aeon records.

  • AE25 Dark Christmas Vol. 2

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    Going a bit darker than the 2010 Dark Christmas episode, this version includes Industrial, Gothic, Folk, and Experimental. The tracks are not as you’d expect. Though they may have titles of well known Christmas carols, they do not sound anything like traditional versions. Some may liken it to having a bad acid trip on Christmas night. Still others may find it represents a journey of the birth of the Light from Darkness.

    [not all formats available, M4A only available via iTunes subscription]


    01. The Cure “Other Voices (Dark Christmas Slow Version)”
    02. DECAYEDen “Night of Silence”
    03. Attrition “Silent Night”
    04. Autopsia “Stille Nacht (g)Rave Remix”
    05. Leper “Away In A Manger”
    06. DECAYEDen “Non (Nativity of Naivety)”
    07. Leper “We Three Kings”
    08. Adam London “Angels – Hope In Darkness”
    09. Frolic “Angels We Have Heard On High (Edit)”
    10. The Steam Clock “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”
    11. Open World “Carol Of The Bells 2015”
    12. Hamsas Xiii “Coventry Carol”
    13. Atlantica Vox “The Greatest Gift”
    14. King Dude “Lucifer’s the Light of the World”
    15. Mick-Kurenbach “The Human Race – A Christmas Dream”

  • AE24 The Sounds of Sulphur

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    The Sounds of Sulphur

    This episode is based on the themes of Hell, Devils, Demons, Satan, and the Occult.



    — Set 1 —
    01. Ego Likeness “The Devil’s In The Chemicals”
    03. My Life with The Thrill Kill Kult “Nervous Xians”
    04. Symbiont “Evilation”
    05. Diverje “Evil Never Dies [Holy Father mix by Psykkle]”
    06. The Retrosic “Unleash Hell”


    — Set 2 —
    07. The Electric Hellfire Club “Kiss The Goat”
    08. The Devil & The Universe “Iblis”
    09. Hexentanz “Ritual Kiss To Satan”
    10. Asmodeus X “L.O.D.”


    — Set 3 —
    11. Diamanda Galas “You Must Be Certain of the Devil”
    12. The Tear Garden “Empathy With The Devil”
    13. Sinister Elements “Rosea”
    14. Valhall “Satanic Ritual Abuse”


    Background Track: “Leviathan” by Christopher Young from the Hellraiser II Soundtrack

    The Satanic Temple [and on Facebook]
    Modern Satanism (Podcast)
    Satanic International Network [and on Facebook]
    LaVeyan Satanism on Facebook

  • The Revelation of “Bob”

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    The Revelation of “Bob” is a ‘rant’ written by TG Mondalf and performed by Fritz Fredric of Asmodeus X for The Sugenius Hour of Slack by Rev. Ivan Stang of The Church of the Subgenius.

  • Mystified: Field Grooves on Latex Records

    Latex Records releases it’s first new release since 2011 and opens a new Bandcamp Page

    The newest release is “Field Grooves” by Mystified. This is a 3 track EP featuring songs created using as a basis some field recording mystified made in his apartment. Metal, water, and other local sounds writ large.

  • For The Bats – Volume I

    An enchanting collection of dark and decadent music with all proceeds going to Bat World Sanctuary to benefit bat rescue, rehabilitation and conservation. 

    [If you love bats, please consider changing your purchase price to $15 or $20 or more.]

    The dark music community pulling together to help raise money for bat rescue, rehabilitation, and conservation. Produced collectively by all artists involved.   This digital album includes a 24 page .pdf booklet that contains bat related art, information about each of the songs and artists, and some information about the charity.

    1. Tenderlash – Prelude 02:45
    2. Contre Jour – Wild 04:44
    3. Monica Richards – Fall (Original Mix) 06:08
    4. Cliff and Ivy – Lost Your Soul 04:51
    5. Feeding Fingers – This World Starves For Lonely Girls 04:30
    6. Scarlet and The Spooky Spiders – Lazy Lizzie 04:20
    7. The March Violets – Liam Hits Seven 03:11
    8. Former Humans – Heaven’s Gate 03:55
    9. The Last Dance – Thoughtless 04:17
    10. Escarlatina Obsessiva – Fakir 04:28
    11. The Cemetery Girlz – Reflection 03:57
    12. Christ Vs. Warhol – Into A New Ice Age 04:19
    13. Double Echo – La Danza 03:43
    14. Yabanci – The Call 03:38
    15. The Silence Kit – My Name Is Another Room 04:39
    16. Estetica Noir – I Will Kill You 03:33
    17. Steve Morell & The Science of Doubt – Black Tea Addict 04:10
    18. The Secret Post – Glass Fascination 03:44
    19. Ewian – Escape 03:31
    20. ACTORS – Jacknife 04:26
    21. Other Voices – Garlic 04:55
    22. The Guests – Black Birds 04:10
    23. Exit – Confessional 05:17
    24. Temple of Venus – Sugar Sandman 04:43
    25. The Death of Analog – Sweet Dymentia 09:05


    Follow For The Bats Online:


  • Game of Thrones theme by Seb Komor (EBM)

    As many of you may know, Sebastian Komor, known for such music projects as Icon of Coil, Monofader, Komor Kommando, Squarehead, and Moonitor, to name a few, also works on video game music and scoring as well as EBM/Industrial projects. I happen to be browsing through Soundcloud recently and happen to run into this; an EBM version of the Game of Thrones theme, so I thought I’d share it! It’s very well done!!!

  • AE23 Front Line Assembly (Tribute) for Daria’s Cheat Sheet

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    This episode is a tribute to Front Line Assembly including many of their side-projects. Hosted by TGMondalf of LaTeX RaDiO this Tribute originally aired on Daria’s Cheat Sheet on Codebass Radio.



    — Show and 1st Set Intro —
    01. Cyberaktif “Meltdown [Parody]” from Temper 1990
    02. Front Line Assembly “Resist” from Caustic Grip 1990
    03. Front Line Assembly “Bio-Mechanic” from Tactical Neural Implant 1992
    04. Intermix “Anguish” from Intermix 1992
    05. Intermix “Can You Move It’ from Phaze Two 1992


    — Set 2 Intro —
    06. Delerium “Consensual Worlds” from Semantic Spaces 1994
    07. Noise Unit “Hate You Feel” from Strategy of Violence 1994
    08. Synaesthesia “Submerged” from Embody 1995
    09. Delerium “Monuments of Deciept” from Reflections I 1995
    10. Synaesthesia “DNA Barcode” from Desideratum 1995
    11. Noise Unit “Bahnof” from Decoder 1996


    — Set 3 Intro —
    12. Pro>Tech “Re-Thread” from Orbiting Catherdrals 1997
    13. Equinox “Janus Effect” from Holon 1998
    14. Equinox “Horizon” from Holon 1998
    15. Skinny Puppy “Worlock: Rhys Fulber Remix (Eye Of The Beholder Mix)” from ReMix Dys Temper 1998
    16. Front Line Assembly “Don’t Trust Anyone” from Implode 1999


    — Set 4 Intro —
    17. Conjure One “Sleep (Serenity Remix)” from Conjure One 2002
    18. Delerium “Lumenis (featuring Isabel Baryakdarian)” from Nuages Du Monde 2006
    19. Fauxliage “Rafe (Pacha Remix)” from Fauxliage 2007
    20. Delerium “Dust In Gravity “Nervo Remix” from Dust In Gravity (Feat. Kreesha Turner) 2010
    21. Unit:187 “Guilty Pleasures” from Out for Blood 2010


    — Closing —
    22. Front Line Assembly “Arise” from Airmech 2012


    BACKGROUND TRACKS: (behind my spoken word for sets)
    01. Front Line Assembly “Distorted Vision” from Complete Total Terror 1
    02. Delerium “Symbolism” from Archives Vol. 1
    03. Delerium “Dimensional Space from Archives Vol. 2
    04. Delerium “Decade” from Euphoric
    05. Front Line Assembly “AirMech” from AirMech


    Created by TG Mondalf
    LaTeX RaDiO http://latexradio.com/


    Daria’s Cheat Sheet
    Codebass Radio

  • AE22 Neo-Medieval

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    This episode is based on Neo-Medieval music from sounds that are more traditional to those that are much more eclectic and include electronics in the compositions. There is a variety of instrumentals, chorals, and bagpipe theme based tracks.

    [M4A available only via iTunes subscription]


    01. L’Ensemble Deux Plus Et Compagnie – Bizzaria d’amore, Furioso
    02. Cantinga – The Well of Enchantment
    03. Basil Poledouris – The Tavern (from Conan The Barbarian)
    04. Faun – Tinta
    05. Dead Can Dance – Saltarello
    06. Dead Can Dance – The End of Words
    07. L’Ensemble Deux Plus Et Compagnie – Splendens Ceptigera
    08. The Moors – Belen-Gaard
    09. Qntal – Virgo Splendens
    10. Miranda Sex Garden – Gush Forth My Tears (Thrash’s Interest At Source Mix)
    11. Dead Can Dance – As The Bell Rings The Maypole Spins
    12. Mauerbrecher – Hortus Consclusus
    13. Saltilo – Remember Me?
    14. Corvis Corax (mixed by Atomix Avenue) – Avanti Rmx (avanti – M.a.p.s.)


    Created by TG Mondalf
    LaTeX RaDiO http://latexradio.com/


    Find both Mauerbrecher and L’Ensemble Deux Plus Et Compagnie on The Fossil Dungeon