• The Revelation of “Bob”

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    The Revelation of “Bob” is a ‘rant’ written by TG Mondalf and performed by Fritz Fredric of Asmodeus X for The Sugenius Hour of Slack by Rev. Ivan Stang of The Church of the Subgenius.

  • Game of Thrones theme by Seb Komor (EBM)

    As many of you may know, Sebastian Komor, known for such music projects as Icon of Coil, Monofader, Komor Kommando, Squarehead, and Moonitor, to name a few, also works on video game music and scoring as well as EBM/Industrial projects. I happen to be browsing through Soundcloud recently and happen to run into this; an EBM version of the Game of Thrones theme, so I thought I’d share it! It’s very well done!!!

  • AE21 OffTrack Vol. 1

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    OFFTRACK: An eclectic mix of of musical genres, spoken word, sound effects, noise, mashups, and audio clips off the beaten path. Think of it as late night psychedelic radio. Genres include a wide range such as classical, rock, industrial, gothic, EBM, ambient, trance, experiemental electronica, and much more! Consider it “Short Attention Span Musical Theater”. There is no real rhyme nor reason behind it. It’s just chaotic fun!! This show is intentionally much longer than my usual episodes.

    [M4A only available via iTunes subscription]



    01. Meat Beat Manifesto – Set Your Receivers
    02. Speedy J – Inter Zil
    03. Meat Beat Manifesto – 1234.
    04. Modulate – Intro
    05. Terrorfakt – Dog Breath
    06. bananaSLOTH – Pom Pom Freakshow
    07. Consolidated – Hello Are You There
    08. Consolidated – Howie Livin’
    09. Alice In Chains – Intro (Dream Sequence)
    10. Ministry – Quick Fix
    11. William S. Burrough (w/Skinny Puppy and Dead Can Dance loops) – The Unworthy Vessel (edit)
    12. Midnight Syndicate – Uh-Oh!
    13. Mystified – Devil You’re A Liar
    14. Premature Ejaculation – Dead Horse Riddle
    15. Terrence McKenna – Demonic Descent (edit)
    16. Darling Kandie – People Next Door

    17. Psychic TV – (untitled)
    18. Diamanda Galas w/Christian Death – Deliver Me (Somnambulist Mix)
    19. MC 900 Ft. Jesus – A Place of Lonliness
    20. Container – Nothing
    21. The Shadow Project – 23-13
    22. Stromkern – Schau’mal
    23. Christian Death – Excommunicamus (edit)
    24. Charles Manson’s Girls – I’ll Never Say Never To Always
    25. John Moran – The Judge
    26. John Moran – Charlie in a Field, Forever
    27. White Zombie – One Big Crunch
    28. The Beatles – Have A Banana!

    —Short Break—

    29. Herzschlag – Asystolie
    30. Ministry – Destruction
    31. Terrorfakt – Empire
    32. Front Line Assembly – Prayer
    33. Meat Beat Manifesto – The Sphere
    34. Terrence McKenna – Eros (FearBeat Mix)
    35. Mars Lasar – City Jungle
    36. Marilyn Manson – Dancing With The One-Legged… (edit)
    37. The Doors – Horse Latitudes
    38. Basehead – Commercial Break
    39. AMUL9 – Sun Rae
    40. The 25th Of May – Army 2 Joyriders 0
    41. International Thief Thief – Echo
    42. 25ThC – Frank Flidstone

    43. Battery Cage – All My Friends Hate Me Now
    44. Black Flag – Spary Paint
    45. Butthole Surfers – Chewin’ George Lucas’ Chocolate (edit)
    46. Combichrist – No Afterparty
    47. Beefcake – 341
    48. Marc Almond – Trois Chansons De Bilitis
    49. Haggard – Rachmaninov: Choir
    50. Emilie Simon – The Sea Leopard
    51. Lisa Gerrard – Rowing Warriors
    52. The Tear Garden – My Thorny Thorny Crown
    53. Bauhaus – Wasp
    54. Icon of Coil – comment V.2.0
    55. Keven Manthei – Gir Elevator
    56. Oingo Boingo – Tender Lumplings
    57. Plastikman – Okx
    58. Coil – Babylero
    59. Einsturzende Neubauten – ring my bell
    60. X-Rx – Tod Skit
    61. Tyler Bates – We Need To Suture That Arm
    62. Severed Heads – Bad Times Three
    63. Lindsey Buckingham – Intro To This Is The Time
    64. The Cure – The Weedy Burton
    65. Foetus Interruptus – Fin


    Created by TG Mondalf

  • Best of Mashables

    Okay, I was just browsing mashables for fun and found these of interest due to their general association with Industrial music.

    If you find any interesting and/or well produced mashables out there relevant to our genres please let me know. So far, I think I have the best two (with my limited exposure to mashables), with the first one being the best produced both audio and video.

    1. Nine Inch Nails “Closer” (Original Video) vs. 50 Cent “In Da Club” (Original Video)

    Video: littleblakkitty Audio: MTV(?)

    2. Front 242 “Headhunter” (Original Video) vs. Gwen Stefani “Hollaback Girl” (Original Video)

    Video: BuyYourMusic Audio: Plus D