• AE23 Front Line Assembly (Tribute) for Daria’s Cheat Sheet

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    This episode is a tribute to Front Line Assembly including many of their side-projects. Hosted by TGMondalf of LaTeX RaDiO this Tribute originally aired on Daria’s Cheat Sheet on Codebass Radio.



    — Show and 1st Set Intro —
    01. Cyberaktif “Meltdown [Parody]” from Temper 1990
    02. Front Line Assembly “Resist” from Caustic Grip 1990
    03. Front Line Assembly “Bio-Mechanic” from Tactical Neural Implant 1992
    04. Intermix “Anguish” from Intermix 1992
    05. Intermix “Can You Move It’ from Phaze Two 1992


    — Set 2 Intro —
    06. Delerium “Consensual Worlds” from Semantic Spaces 1994
    07. Noise Unit “Hate You Feel” from Strategy of Violence 1994
    08. Synaesthesia “Submerged” from Embody 1995
    09. Delerium “Monuments of Deciept” from Reflections I 1995
    10. Synaesthesia “DNA Barcode” from Desideratum 1995
    11. Noise Unit “Bahnof” from Decoder 1996


    — Set 3 Intro —
    12. Pro>Tech “Re-Thread” from Orbiting Catherdrals 1997
    13. Equinox “Janus Effect” from Holon 1998
    14. Equinox “Horizon” from Holon 1998
    15. Skinny Puppy “Worlock: Rhys Fulber Remix (Eye Of The Beholder Mix)” from ReMix Dys Temper 1998
    16. Front Line Assembly “Don’t Trust Anyone” from Implode 1999


    — Set 4 Intro —
    17. Conjure One “Sleep (Serenity Remix)” from Conjure One 2002
    18. Delerium “Lumenis (featuring Isabel Baryakdarian)” from Nuages Du Monde 2006
    19. Fauxliage “Rafe (Pacha Remix)” from Fauxliage 2007
    20. Delerium “Dust In Gravity “Nervo Remix” from Dust In Gravity (Feat. Kreesha Turner) 2010
    21. Unit:187 “Guilty Pleasures” from Out for Blood 2010


    — Closing —
    22. Front Line Assembly “Arise” from Airmech 2012


    BACKGROUND TRACKS: (behind my spoken word for sets)
    01. Front Line Assembly “Distorted Vision” from Complete Total Terror 1
    02. Delerium “Symbolism” from Archives Vol. 1
    03. Delerium “Dimensional Space from Archives Vol. 2
    04. Delerium “Decade” from Euphoric
    05. Front Line Assembly “AirMech” from AirMech


    Created by TG Mondalf
    LaTeX RaDiO http://latexradio.com/


    Daria’s Cheat Sheet
    Codebass Radio

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