• AE17 Industrialische Oktoberfest II

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    Out second Industrial Oktoberfest issue: This was supposed to be co-hosted by DJ Parallax but due to time constraints and life being insane that didn’t happen but beer and brats were had! However, he was able to assist in the playlist order since he knows more about key matching than I do, so I hope this came out better than the last one. Sorry my vocals are a bit dry. Things were busy and this podcast sat too long before it was finally pieced together as it was supposed to be out before October. Hope it still sounds good anyway!

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    01. Eisbrecher – 1000 Flammen
    02. Das Ich – Destillat (VNV Nation Remix)
    03. Diary of Dreams – Lebenslang
    04. Heimetaerde – Gotteskrieger
    05. Mimetic – Track 33
    06. Kraftwerk – Radioaktivitat
    07. Schwarzes Fragment – Flammenherz
    08. And One – Steine Sind Steine


    09. Hanzel Und Gretyl – Deathslager
    10. X-Rx – Fickt Euch Alle
    11. Herzschlag – Zuviel von Mir
    12. Soman – Innocence
    13. Pitch Black Inc. – Retro Adam
    14. In Strict Confidence – Babylon


    15. Wumpscut – Gulag

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