• DR01 Damage Report #1 (German Industrial)

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    This is the debut episode of Damage Report on Latex Radio by Industrial Dave of the band Crisis Line, among many others. This collection is modern German Industrial with touches of Aggrotech and PowerNoise.

    [M4A only available via iTunes subscription]


    01. Nachtmahr – BOOM BOOM BOOM
    02. FabrikC – Paranormal
    03. Agonoize – In the name of god
    04. Hydroxie – A fool
    05. Nachtmahr – Ein Spiel
    06. Noisuf-X Cocaine
    07. Xotox Industrial Madness
    08. Reaper – Weltfremd
    09. Grendel – Hate this (Agonoize remix)
    10. Reaper – Urnensand (Schallfaktor remix)
    11. Xentrifuge – Downcast


    Damage Report with Industrial Dave on LaTeX RaDiO

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