• NE01 Nexus of Evil #1 – Fem Vox

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    Industrial, Darkwave, and Synthpop with a focus on female vocalists featuring the debut of our newest host, DJ Parallax from DarkSide Radio. He also has his own podcast called The Nexus of Evil and is a proud member of the Department of Evil.

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    01. The Grid – Tron Legacy Soundtrack
    02. Worth The Wait – I:Scintilla
    03. Cursive Eve – I:Scintilla
    04. I Want My Innocence Back – Emilie Auttumn
    05. Creatures of the Night – Zombie Girl
    06. #1 Crush – Grabage
    07. Bubble Gum cyber – Bitch Brigade
    08. My Revenge on the World – Ayria
    09. Skinny Little Bitch – Angelspit
    10. Living Dead Duperstars – Zombie Girl
    11. Enter The Void – Miss FD
    12. Everythings Poison – Ego Likeness
    13. Insect Calm – Ayria
    14. Spaceship – Alice In Videoland

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